Saturday, 23 March 2013

Subway Surfers coming soon to Windows Phone 8

Subway Surfers coming soon to Windows Phone 8

Temple Run and its sequel are two extremely popular games on other mobile platforms that have yet to migrate to Windows Phone. We know one of them is coming eventually, but unfortunately the series creator Imangi has been tight-lipped with details. Still, Temple Run isn’t the only 3D endless runner in town.
Subway Surfers from Kiloo also has quite a following on competing platforms. Technically the characters slide, glide and fly around on vehicles as opposed to running, but it’s definitely an endless runner at heart. And soon we’ll be subway surfing on Windows Phone 8! The above image of the subway surfers on a Nokia Lumia was posted on their Facebook page.

The release date of the game has not been revealed yet. 


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    1. Not yet since it has 512MB RAM but the support for 512MB RAM devices is coming soon. GUYS!! check out the Subway Surfers for Windows Phone 8!!

  2. i think it depends if its a Windows 8 phone..